[Introspective] Somebody's Extended Business

Daniel McCarthy dpmccart at artsci.wustl.edu
Mon Feb 10 17:37:27 PST 2003

The extended mix of SEB on the D3 vinyl is pretty damn good. Those who don't
have a turntable will be relieved to know that it isn't quite as gooas the
short version of the song -- so you've got the definitive one -- but it is
darn good. It's a classics, 80's-style extended mix; different intro,
different outro, and some synth lines have been substituted for others. It's
the perfect kind of remix, very close to the original but with important
variations spread throughout. It's not just the original with a different
beginning and ending tacked on, and its not something completely different.
It's a very old skool mix; everything about it is, but in a good way (at
least as far as I'm concerned).

The dub mix of Here is less interesting. It's the trance remix minus most of
the vox. Nothing surprising.

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