[Introspective] Disco 3 sales in the US

Daniel McCarthy dpmccart at artsci.wustl.edu
Mon Feb 10 16:28:22 PST 2003

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From: "Carlos E Restrepo" <cer202 at nyu.edu>\

> I saw that Disco 3 did not do well in the UK chart, but I am curious to
see how it does in the US albums chart. I walked into a Virgin Megastore in
New York this weekend and they had sold almost all their copies, and a Tower
Records store here was out of Disco 3 (at least on the shelves). Maybe it
will do ok. It's had zero promotion but I think the price is helping. Virgin
had it on sale for $8.99 and Tower for $9.99.
Let's hope it does do well in the US, at least as well as PSB records can do
these days. As far as the UK charts go, the position for D3 might not mean
much considering that the bar code error probably disqualified a great many
sales from registering. The charts do not account for this kind of error, so
D3's position is official, but despite that it might not accurately reflect
how well (or poorly) D3 really sold.

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