[Introspective] Nice 'review'

The Virtual One mats-bjo at dsv.su.se
Mon Feb 10 19:34:52 PST 2003

Anders Nunstedt, writer in one of the bigger evening papars here in Sweden
(Expressen) writes in his latest chronicle:

"Pet Shop Boys did nice guitar pop on their last album 'Release', but Disco 3,
the gents fourth(!) remix album is a comeback on all fronts! The happy club
feeling is back, the sharp electronic production too, while still preserving
the melodies. I didn't think that they were finished, but Neil Tennant and
Chris lowe are so in fashion again that it's quite unbelievable!"


'Favourites at the moment: Pet Shop Boys: Disco 3'

Actually - Disco 3 has goten quite good reviews in all papers here in Sweden
(hooray!) - now I'm just waiting to get my own damn copy sometime .-P -
already regretting ordering it from the U.S. to save a few bucks - I'm bloody
sure that it's stuck in customs...


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