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Attudite 2003-02-06

It's 3 O'clock in the morning. You're a little wired. Somebody called
Anoushka has just taken your Polaroid, for no reason, A glitter ball
twinkles overhead. The music is quietly bangin'. To paraphrase an old
Mancunian adage, Fuck me, Its Pet Shop Boys Being good at being pet shop
boys again, It had to happen, After the mournful, under-performing Adroit
step of their last couple of albums, the boys have gladly stopped growing
old gracefully.

Blame in on the boggie, the currant fissionability of the very gay disco
music that was their music in the first instance has allowed then to turner
out their most relevant record in well over a decade. Part of their looser
triumvirate of waspish offshoot remixes projects, Disco 3 is an album for
those who secretly know that all albums are a bit rubbish, apart form one
that Joyce Simms made back in the 1987.

So rather than an album as such, you get 9 five-minutes rods of properly
realised dance floor lighting, the echoes of Ladytron (If looks could Kill),
Fischerspooners (Time on my hands) and Felix Da housecat (his own ramping
mix of last album's London) are just the sound of two grown boys throwing a
curveball back at some of the more astute musical patricians of today's
that's would cite 80s PSBs as amongst their most pivotal influences anyhow,

It's a cute touch, What most surprising - from the witty Barry Whites sample
( Positive Role Model? Thought a slice of Merciless, Techy tribalism (Sexy
Northerner) right up to some brilliantly paired down hi-nrg (Try it) - is
that Pet shop boys are any cop at elating a discotheque anymore.

You could throw any one of these roughly formed diamonds onto the deck at
Cynthia's Bar or some such delightfully seedy night Erie and watch the
fashion massive go mental, Results
Paul Flynn


'There's passion in the music,' agrees Lowe.  'It's all genuine'"

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