[Introspective] Do PSB care about quality these days?

Phill Profoundgubbins at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 7 01:48:31 PST 2003

Anyone wishing to fight in the war against terrorism had best leave the USA
if they hadnt exploded a mid east plane over the atlantic the Pan am 103
crash would never have happened and years of tit for tat and siding with
whoever can help them get the oil (even big bad osama) would never have led
to the Twin Towers being attacked.

Its obvious why you've had time off you were the jerk writing letters of
complaint for the title "Two Towers" werent you.


PS could i get the "Phil" part removed you think... By in the desert sounds
fine to me
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> > Are you bored, and trying to start a flame war? Aggressors who seek war
> for
> > no justifiable reason are deserving of terror, not people who are anti
> war.
> We the People, have two aims here:
> a)  To liberate the people of Iraq from a regime of terror.
> b)  To remove weapons of mass destruction from a terrorist who would use
> them out of desperation.
> Because PSB are "anti-war," they are, therefore, "anti-war on terror."
> Evidently neither of the goals stated above are things which are important
> to them.
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