[Introspective] What do you think of these?

royboy rtapping at btopenworld.com
Thu Feb 6 20:17:26 PST 2003

Hey, Durst, what are you doing these days?  Still getting off your head on
cheap drugs and moonshine?  How's life living with your mother?  Still
getting social security?  Or have they found out you have a job?  Yes, he's
a rent boy.  But he only gets fifty cents a night.  And that's after doing
twenty five blow jobs to sad old men!  Lol!  But seriously, it must have
been hard for you after you were thrown out of Uni for spouting your Nazi
filth.  Hey, why don't you do us all a favour and slit your wrists.  No-one
will miss you, you big joke (Yes, big FAT joke).

Now just piss off.

No-one's remotely interested in your rubbish.



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