[Introspective] Do PSB care about quality these days?

Philby In The Desert pethead at nauticom.net
Thu Feb 6 12:54:42 PST 2003

Bush is sending the same message to the people of Iraq that FDR should have
sent to the Jews in Hitler's camps..."we're coming and we're going to
liberate you."  Evidently YOU think it's right that Saddam's police state
makes people disappear if they disagree with him.

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> oh please
> > We the People, have two aims here:
> >
> > a)  To liberate the people of Iraq from a regime of terror.
> > b)  To remove weapons of mass destruction from a terrorist who would use
> > them out of desperation.
> >
> > Because PSB are "anti-war," they are, therefore, "anti-war on terror."
> > Evidently neither of the goals stated above are things which are
> > to them.
> >
> >
> >

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