[Introspective] Re: Do PSB care about quality these days?

Philby In The Desert pethead at nauticom.net
Thu Feb 6 12:49:21 PST 2003

> Never heard of you, mate. Are you significant in some way? Or just
> desperate to be considered thus... (braces for inevitable bi-polar
> flame action)

*Tsk tsk*  Mental illness really *is* interesting, isn't it?  I'd say I'm
less "bi-polar" and more "histrionic in a funny way" these days...

Now...the only thing to make Introspective what is WAS is to have Roy
Tapping show up so I can tease him and Markie Price type ANYTHING so I can
play games like "spot the spelling errors."

Still interviewing has-been 90210 stars, Spedding?

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