[Introspective] Do PSB care about quality these days?

Philby In The Desert pethead at nauticom.net
Thu Feb 6 02:58:03 PST 2003

It's been *well* over a year since I've sent a message over Introspective.  I'm sure that MANY of you out there dearly miss my daily multiple missives, but rest assured, I've returned!  Yes, I need a release...  I *need* to be evil from time to time.  So, here I am...  I'm tired of posting over at the Aimoo PSB Community forum under various aliases - it forces me to be nice.

Disco 3.  I find it difficult to get excited about Disco 3.  I received the 2x12" vinyl promo several weeks ago, listened to it and thought "well...isn't this whole concept a sorry excuse for not releasing 'London' as a single in the UK?"  When I bought the promo cd, I got a little more excited, but not a great deal...  I think what spoiled it MOST for me was the inclusion of that blasted 'Home and Dry' remix by Blank & Jones...  They really *ARE* insistent about pushing that, aren't they?  It's appeared on virtually every officially released PSB item since 'Release.'  It's not that great - it's not that interesting - and to me, it's just filler garbage.  I would have MUCH preferred the inclusion of "A Powerful Friend" (which I really didn't like), "Can I Be The One?" (as much as it sounds like Backstreet Boys, it's still a "quite like" song - if anybody has an .mp3 of greater quality than 128 kbps, I want it!), or "You've Got To Start Somewhere" (which I REALLY REALLY like).  The whole Disco 3 thing seems like such a rushed job and put together in such a sloppy way, it's really no surprise they had problems with the barcode, etc...  PSB have really gone into decline in terms of quality...has anybody else noticed this?  Perhaps Mark Farrow's simply too expensive for them these days...?  It seems as if his departure from the PSB camp signalled the beginning of the end for their dedication to quality things...including Christmas cards...

I *was* going to whine about the Christmas card from the PSB fan-club, but I'm far too tired to complain.  Anybody who's anti-war (particularly with Iraq) is pro-terror and deserves to be subjected to terrorism.  I wonder if the sleeve of Disco 3 would have been what it was if Al-Quaeda had flown a hijacked British Airways flight into the Palace of Westminster or any other buildings featured on PSB's latest exhibition of mediocrity?  I wonder if the Pet Shop Boys would say "no to war" to the face of a family member whose loved one died the day the "Al-Quaeda Cowards" took their cheap shot that day in September 2001?  Face it...Neil and Chris don't want the people of Iraq liberated - simply because they know nobody there knows who they are or would buy their albums.  They've become, in essence, the Tory member of Parliament they derided in 'The Theatre' who made the statement "those people you step across as you leave the theatre?"

/you know who I am...I needn't sign this.

P.S. - To all of the French readers, We the People of the USA, don't require your help in the war...we ALL know how well you stood up to Hitler.  You'd be waving white flags before you were even 250 miles of Iraq.
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