[Introspective] New album

Zdenek Stanka s.zdenek at volny.cz
Tue Feb 4 22:43:52 PST 2003

Well, yesterday I have bought my copy of Vocoder 3 and have to ask: "Am I
*that* old??? Or do the boys try to look as young as that pubescent gal ...
eerhmm, what's her name ... aah, Cher???"

Five days ago my first child was born (the most beautiful girl called Anna,
btw. :)) and for the last couple of months I've been looking forward to
suckling her with this "co-born" album. But now I see I'll have to take one
of its older brothers (Behaviour could be quite appropriate, I guess) cause
I simply don't want my baby to start to stutter...

Still, it' far better than Blunder 2 (and of course far worse than Disco...)

Read you,
Zdenek, who simply hasn't in his nature to grumble  :)

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