[Introspective] Disco 3

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> [Mark Reed]
> > I just hope it's far better than the
> > waste of plastic that was
> > "Disco 2"
> We got at least *one* masterpiece in here, which is track
> 9. Home and dry (Blank and Jones mix)

Yes; along the lines of what *not* to do, I hope they don't mega-mix it and
the individual tracks are kept separate, a la the original Disco, not Disco
2.  I'm afraid I cna't agree with the idea that the Blank and Jones mix of
HaD is a masterpiece -- it's mouldy cheesy to me -- but I think that's an
apt description of the(e) Radikal Blaklite mix of "London.".  I may be alone
here though: almost everyone else on PSB fan forums copmlained endlessly
about the "London" mixes.  I actually thought the mixes disc was much better
than the b-sides one, and the Blaklite mixes would be among the best PSB
have ever had, were it not for the fact that none of the vocals are on it.
Felix did a better job with that mix than he did with most of his own songs
on his Kittenz and thee Glitz album, imvho.